MicroGrade No Longer Available

Tags: Learning Management

MicroGrade, used for storing and calculating grades, is no longer available. In November 2015, the company that made this software went out of business. Because of this, MicroGrade can no longer be installed on new computers. Read More

Schoology: Wheaton College's New Learning Management System

Tags: Learning Management

Last year, Wheaton College chose Schoology to replace Blackboard as its learning management system. During this transition, the Faculty LMS Transition committee will provide faculty input and guidance for Schoology's development and implementation. Read More

Blanchard 339 Updated

Tags: Classroom Technology | Updates

In order to resolve ongoing issues with laptop input, the classroom technology in Blanchard 339 was updated. The control screen has been updated, and laptops will be able to connect reliably to the projector. Read More