VPN Software Update

Tags: Updates

GlobalProtect establishes a secure connection to the Wheaton College resources from off-campus. Read More

LabShare Retirement

Tags: Updates | Security

LabShare will be retired on August 12 in order to encourage better data security. This network drive was used to store and share lab data and reports in the natural sciences. Read More

SPSS License Updates

Tags: Updates | Maintenance

At 10:00 PM on June 29, we will update SPSS licenses for the 2017 fiscal year. During this update, SPSS will be unavailable. Read More

Training Site Migration

Tags: Training

On June 30, training materials will move from training.wheaton.edu to www.wheaton.edu/ait. This will combine all Academic and Institutional Technology information and resources into one website. Read More

Phishing Alert | "jonathan.blanchard"

Tags: Phishing Attempts

Some employees recently received an email claiming to be a request for payment. The email includes a “drive link” to a payment form and asks the recipient to fill it out as quickly as possible. Read More

ThunderCloud Training Recommended Videos

Tags: ThunderCloud Services | Training

We recommend watching "PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for Business Presentations." This course will teach you how to use PowerPoint to create effective presentations that keep audiences interested and engaged. Read More

myWheaton Portal Upgrade

Tags: Upgrades | Security

On Monday, June 27, we will update the myWheaton portal to improve security, update the user interface, and enable single sign-on. Read More

Improvements to Spam Detection

Tags: Updates | Security

On Wednesday, June 1, we will adjust the spam detection for my.wheaton.edu email addresses. This will lower the amount of spam sent by compromised accounts. Read More