Our goal is that you graduate from this degree with minimal debt so you can launch into ministry. We offer multiple ways to help defray those costs.

  • Employment at HoneyRock
    Wheaton College offers more than 15 Graduate Assistantships at HoneyRock, which, including summers, can cover up to 70% of tuition, room and board.
  • Partner Camps Discount
    Through the Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) partner camps and organizations, Wheaton College Graduate School offers students who work full time at CCCA member organizations a 25% discount on tuition in the Outdoor and Adventure Leadership studies. Students employed at a CCCA member affiliate while completing this degree have an opportunity to participate in research efforts to benefit the global Christian camp movement. Our partner camps, like New Life Ranch (link to NLR), also provide Graduate Assistantships for those wanting to work at other camps while completing this degree. Learn more about the CCCA partnership.
  • Part-Time Modular Student
    Graduate students in this program can compete their M.A. in Outdoor Adventure and Leadership by taking classes part time over a period of three to four years, which helps spread out the costs.
  • Professional Development Funds
    Many employers will cover a percentage of the degree in exchange for commitment to service post degree. If currently working for a camp, church, school or related organization, you can talk with your employer about applying for professional development funds toward your M.A.
  • Scholarship Program
    The Wheaton College Graduate School has special scholarships for emerging leaders. Learn more here about applying for a Billy Graham Center Scholarship through Wheaton College.