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M. A. in Higher Education and Student Development Curriculum


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Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Development

Formerly known as the M.A. in Christian Formation and Ministry (CFM), the newly-revised M.A. in Higher Education and Student Development is a 40 credit-hour program which aligns with the professional guidelines of the Council for the Advancement of Standard in Higher Education (2001) for M.A. programs that prepare student development professionals.

All students must complete:

HESD 512 Bible in Ministry (2 hours)

CFM 547 Philosophy of Ministry (2 hours)

HESD 514 Ministry in Culture (4 hours)

CFM 518 Research Methods (2 hours)

CFM 521 Personal Spiritual Formation (2 hours)

BITH 565 Christian Theology (4 hours)

HESD 575 Conflict and Mediation (4 hours)

HESD 595 Introduction to Higher Education (4 hours)

HESD 534 Care & Counsel in Ministry (4 hours)

HESD 546 Facilitating Collegiate Learning (2 hours)

HESD 548 Leadership and Legal Issues (4 hours)

HESD 641 Emerging Adult Development (4 hours)

HESD 698 Applied Thesis (2 hours)

Total                                                                     40 hours

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