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Major Academic Plans (MAPs)

What is a Major Academic Plan (MAP)?

A MAP is a guide that shows you the recommended sequence of classes for a major. As you consider your major at Wheaton, the following links help you review what a major might look like. These Major Academic Plans (MAPs) show a preferred sequencing of courses from first year through graduation. However, your path may vary depending on the credits you bring into Wheaton College and your path toward declaring a major.

We recommend using the table below to compare different MAPs to help you envision what your liberal arts experience might look like.  Here is a blank MAP Worksheet you can download and use to plan out your semesters.

(Note that all courses on Major Academic Plans are 4-credit courses unless otherwise noted.)

Here is an Overview of Academics at Wheaton to help you stay on track!


Majors & CertificatesMAPs 
Anthropology Anthropology MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
Applied Health Science Applied Health Science MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
Art Art History MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
  Art Community Art MAP (2020-21 Catalog)
  Art Studio Art MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
Biblical & Theological Studies Biblical and Theological Studies MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
  Biblical Archaeology MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
Biology Biology MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
  Biology with Teacher Licensure MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
Business/Economics  Business Economics MAP (Catalog 2021-22) 
Chemistry Chemistry MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
  Chemistry BioChemistry MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
  Chemistry with Secondary Education Licensure MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
Chinese Language and Culture Chinese Language and Culture MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
Christian Formation & Ministry  Christian Formation and Ministry MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
Classical Languages (Hebrew, Greek, Latin) Classical Languages MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
Communication  Communication MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
Computer Science Computer Science MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
Economics Economics MAP (Catalog 2021-22) 
Elementary Education Elementary Education MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
Engineering, Dual Degree Engineering MAPs
English English Literature MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
  English with Teaching Concentration MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
  English Writing MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
Environmental Science  Environmental Science MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
French French MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
  French with Secondary Education Licensure MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
Geology Geology MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
  Geology with Secondary Education Teacher Licensure MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
German Studies German MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
  German Studies with Secondary Education Licensure MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
History History MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
History/Social Science History Social Science MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
  History Social Science with Teacher Licensure MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
Interdisciplinary Studies Interdisciplinary Studies MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
International Relations  International Relations MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
Latin American & Latina/o Studies Latin American & Latino/a Studies MAP (2021-2022 Catalog) 
Liberal Arts/Nursing  Liberal Arts Nursing MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
Mathematics Mathematics MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
  Mathematics with Secondary Education Concentration MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
Music Music BA (2021-22 Catalog)
  Music BM Composition (2021-22 Catalog)
  Music BME Music Education (2021-22 Catalog)
  Music BM Elective Studies (2021-22 Catalog)
  Music BM Music History (2021-22 Catalog)
  Music BM Pedagogy (2021-22 Catalog) 
  Music BM Performance 2021-22 (Catalog) 
Philosophy Philosophy MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
  Philosophy Integrated MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
Physics  Physics Applied Bachelor of Science MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
  Physics Bachelor of Arts MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
  Physics Bachelor of Science MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
  Physics with Secondary Education Bachelor of Science MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
Political Science Political Science MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
Psychology Psychology MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
Sociology  Sociology MAP (2021-22 Catalog) 
Spanish Spanish MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
  Spanish with Secondary Education Licensure MAP (2021-22 Catalog)
Urban Studies Urban Studies MAP (2021-22 Catalog)