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  • Chemistry 
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Chemistry Major with Biochemistry Concentration
  • Chemistry Major ACS Certified
  • Chemistry Major ACS Certified in Biochemistry

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  • Chemistry Minor

Other Academic Opportunities

  • Departmental Honors
  • Hanchett Research Prize

Two Wheaton College Chemistry Students in the Lab

Major/Minor Tracks

Our faculty teach a full range of courses in their specialty areas including analytical, inorganic, organic, physical chemistry and biochemistry. The four major tracks available give you the flexibility to tailor your program to best meet your needs and interests.

  • Chemistry Major

    Prepares you for engaging a wide range of vocations in chemistry and related fields.
    See Courses and Requirements.

  • NEW in Fall 2023!  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

    Drawing from our interdisciplinary connections with the Chemistry and Biology programs, this program studies life processes occurring at the molecular level.
    See Courses and Requirements.

  • Chemistry Major with Biochemistry Concentration

    Builds on the foundational chemistry degree by incorporating courses at the interface of chemistry and biology.
    See Courses and Requirements.

  • Chemistry Major ACS Certified*

    Offers additional advanced courses that provide a strong foundation in each of the major subfields of chemistry, the best preparation for a career in professional chemistry.
    See Courses and Requirements.

  • Chemistry Major ACS Certified* in Biochemistry

    Similar to the Chemistry Major ACS Certified, but has a greater emphasis on biochemistry.
    See Courses and Requirements.

  • Chemistry Minor

    Includes the first two years of the chemistry program plus some advanced electives that help students develop good scientific laboratory techniques. Students considering medical school or allied health fields will benefit from this minor.
    See Courses and Requirements.

* The department recommends an ACS major for those who are interested in jobs in industry or graduate programs in chemistry.

Possible course sequence for Chemistry majors (PDF)

Wheaton College Chemistry Students in Lab

Department Opportunities


In collaboration with a faculty member, our students have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of independent research projects each academic year.  Faculty research is supported by the College and by external funding agencies.


Wheaton's location provides a rich resource for internships for Chemistry students.

Study Abroad

Wheaton offers a variety of study abroad opportunities, including opportunities to take chemistry classes at international universities.

Human Needs and Global Resources (HNGR)

HNGR is an academic certificate program that integrates multidisciplinary coursework, a six-month overseas internship, and whole-person formation through experiential learning.

Wheaton Chemistry Society

You'll have opportunities to perform chemistry demonstrations at a local middle schools, host a neighboring high school for a day of forensics investigations using our lab’s advanced equipment, and hang out with fellow chemistry students.

Student Employment

We employ over 25 students each semester.

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Meet Our Faculty Chemistry Faculty

Fast Facts

  • 100% of full-time faculty are committed followers Christ
  • 11:1 student/faculty ratio
  • 95+% of faculty hold the highest degree in their field

Our experienced faculty teach a full range of courses including general chemistry, analytical, inorganic, organic, physical chemistry and biochemistry.


Dan Burden, Ph.D. Headshot

Dan Burden, Ph.D.

Professor, Analytical Chemistry
Lisa M. Burden, Ph.D. Headshot

Lisa M. Burden, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Becky Eggimann, Ph.D. Headshot

Becky Eggimann, Ph.D.

Dean of Natural Sciences, Associate Professor, Biochemistry
Benjamin Lovaasen, Ph.D. Headshot

Benjamin Lovaasen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Inorganic Chemistry
Angela Fortner McKoy, Ph.D. Headshot

Angela Fortner McKoy, Ph.D.

Guest Assistant Professor, General Chemistry and Biochemistry
David Sikkenga, Ph.D. Headshot

David Sikkenga, Ph.D.

Guest Professor, Organic Chemistry
Francis Umesiri, Ph.D. Headshot

Francis Umesiri, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Organic Chemistry
Peter Walhout, Ph.D. Headshot

Peter Walhout, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Physical Chemistry, Department Chair
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Students
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