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Theology Conference

The 2019 Theology Conference at Wheaton College is focused on the humanity of Jesus.

"Who Do You Say That I Am?" - Why the Humanity of Jesus Matters

April 4-5, 2019

Billy Graham Center, Barrows Auditorium

Our existence is a bodily existence.  Because we experience the world and one another through our bodies, a first principle of historic Christianity has been that, in order that God may redeem all of our existence, Jesus assumed our humanity in its fullness.

Yet, in our discussions about Jesus’s person and work, and our relationship with the triune God, Christians have sometimes presented Christianity as a religion concerned exclusively with the afterlife, neglecting the importance of present realities.

In this conference we invite you to explore with us why the humanity of Jesus is central to the Christian understanding of salvation. Over the span of two days we will explore how the reality of the Incarnation challenges and redeems our broken social structures, including racial and ethnic divisions, economic systems, and sexuality.

*Plenary address with Fleming Rutledge is free and open to the public

Speakers include:

  • Fleming Rutledge Author, Theologian, Episcopal Priest
  • Darrell Bock, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Lynn Cohick, Denver Seminary
  • Brian E. Daley, S.J., University of Notre Dame
  • Dana HarrisTrinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • Robin Jensen, University of Notre Dame
  • Esau McCaulley, Northeastern Seminary
  • Scot McKnight, Northern Seminary
  • George Kalantzis, Wheaton College
  • David Hooker, Wheaton College
  • Milton Acosta BenítezFundación Universitaria Seminaria Biblico de Colombia
  • Christopher M. HaysFundación Universitaria Seminaria Biblico de Colombia

Registration is required and there is a cost for anyone who is not a Wheaton College student, staff member, or faculty member. For more information, please email theology.conference@wheaton.edu

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