Find your future by exploring the past. Biblical Archaeology

Biblical archaeology is an exciting, integrated major that sits at the intersection of biblical studies, ancient languages, and the social sciences.

Credential Type

  • B.A.

Major Credits Required

  • 36

Offered As

  • Major, Minor

14,000+ items & artifacts

The Joseph P. Free Collection at Wheaton’s Archaeology Lab contains thousands of ancient artifacts.

75% completed internships

Three-quarters of the most recent graduating class pursued at least one internship.

8 geological eras

Our partner dig site, Tel Shimron, sifts through the Earth for remnants of the early Bronze Age to the Islamic Period.

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Student Standing in Archaeological Site

Why Biblical Archaeology at Wheaton?

An undergraduate degree that so richly intertwines archaeology with the study of the Old and New Testaments is uncommon, and Wheaton is gratified to offer one of the top programs of its kind.

Now, more than ever before, the cultural setting of the biblical text is accessible through archaeological and linguistic discoveries in the Near East. Studying Scripture through this lens clarifies and enlivens its message while also exploring its contemporary relevance.

As a biblical archaeology major, you’ll have the chance to see Scripture and biblical history come to life in courses such as:

  • Old Testament Archaeology
  • New Testament Archaeology
  • Akkadian Cuneiform
  • Archaeology of Ancient Syria-Palestine

In addition to core courses in archaeology, history, and ancient languages (including biblical languages), this major includes participation in an approved archaeological excavation and an interdisciplinary emphasis that provides a strong liberal arts foundation for a variety of vocations.

Discover Tel Shimron

What will Wheaton students help uncover next?

Faces & Spaces Where You’ll Learn, Who You’ll Meet

Our Faculty

A true interdisciplinary program, Biblical Archaeology covers coursework across languages, theological studies, and the social sciences. You’ll learn from faculty members with expertise in areas such as ancient Israel, ancient Iraq, the Dead Sea scrolls, prophetic literature, biblical interpretation, petrography, Syrian archaeology, and historical geography.

Our Facilities

As part of the broader Department of Biblical and Theological Studies, you’ll have access to tools and resources like the Center for Early Christian Studies and, of course, our on-site archaeology lab and museum which contains thousands of ancient items.

Our Experiences

From looking at artifacts in the lab to digging for them in the Holy Lands, you’ll get plenty of (literal) hands-on archaeology experience at Wheaton. Beyond classroom learning and fieldwork experiences, our students participate in internships, conduct research, and become active in many campus organizations. You can also learn alongside professors and other archaeologists on the Tel Shimron Excavations program.

Tel Shimron Excavation - Wheaton College (IL)
Featured Program

Tel Shimron Excavations

Learn alongside professors and other archaeologists as they join the Tel Shimron Excavations, an international, interdisciplinary project dedicated to uncovering remains from the Middle Bronze Age. Located in northern Israel, Tel Shimron is an ancient city is full of biblical and historical signficance.

Open to students of any major, this six-week program is offered in select summers; scholarships and financial aid may be available.

Learn About Tel Shimron Excavations

WITH Wheaton Opportunities Across Campus & Beyond

Interdisciplinary learning is a way of life at Wheaton. Aside from your work within your chosen major, you can enrich your educational experience and connect with peers and professors across campus (and beyond) in many ways.

Real-World Learning at Wheaton & Beyond

Other Off-Campus Opportunities

  • Other international and domestic travel experiences including Pilgrimage to Santiago, Semester In Jerusalem, and Wheaton in Mexico

Related Centers, Organizations & Co-Curriculars

Additional Academic Opportunities: Common Minors, Certificates & Second Majors

Wheaton Student at Tel Shimron Excavation
Archaeology for Christ and His Kingdom

Faith & Learning at Wheaton

A Wheaton education is built on our unique Christ at the Core general education curriculum. A biblical archaeology degree enhances this strong foundation for biblical study. Today as never before, the cultural setting of the biblical text is accessible through archaeological and linguistic discoveries in the Near East. By mooring Scripture in ancient lifeways, it is possible to clarify and enliven its message while exploring its contemporary relevance.

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Success After Wheaton What You Can Do With a Biblical Archaeology Degree

With their archaeology and liberal arts background, our alumni start careers in a variety of industries and pursue a wide range of graduate degrees.


Biblical archaeology students work in roles such as:

  • High School teachers
  • Geospatial data specialist and drone pilot
  • GIS technician
  • Exhibit developer and copywriter
  • Museum curator
  • Project manager
  • Research specialist
  • Technical writer
  • UX Researcher

… and you will find them at organizations such as:

  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • The Museum of the Bible
  • Fremont Indian State Park & Museum
  • National Security Council
  • The Field Museum
  • Tennessee Valley Archaeological Research

Continued Learning

They pursue advanced degrees at schools such as:

  • UCLA (Ph.D. in Biblical Studies)
  • Dartmouth College (Ph.D., Ecology, Evolution, Environment & Society)
  • The George Washington University (M.A., Anthropology)
  • Penn State University (M.S., Geographic Information System)
  • Rutgers University (M.S., Library and Information Science)
  • Texas Tech University (M.S., Geology)
  • Thomas Jefferson University (M.S., Interior Architecture)
  • University of Reading - UK (Ph.D., Bioarchaeology)
  • Western Seminary (Th.M.)

Next Steps

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