Jon Hoglund, Ph.D. 2015

Jon Hoglund, Ph.D. 2015

Recipient of the Virginia H. Roberts Fellowship


Hanoi Bible College, Vietnam

I am grateful for the chance to study in the Wheaton PhD program. Wheaton provided me with excellent opportunities for growth and development, along with the freedom to write an integrative dissertation that combines theological and biblical studies. The strong evangelical environment of the Wheaton PhD program was fruitful ground for finding supporting and sympathetic colleagues. The student group at Wheaton provided an invaluable sounding board for new ideas in a non-competitive and friendly environment. Most importantly, Wheaton's Ph.D. supervisors are committed to their students. Kevin Vanhoozer and Daniel Treier provided oversight for my project and helped ensure that it came to completion with an appropriate scope and time. My dissertation investigated how theologians might speak of God's call to salvation in ways that highlight God's speaking. "Called by Triune Grace" brings together both theological thinking and biblical scholarship for a fresh witness to God's effectual call.

Wheaton also provided an exceptional opportunity for interaction with global evangelicalism. I am thankful to join a solid group of Wheaton PhD alumni who are working to expand theological education possibilities around the world.