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Jason Gile, Ph.D. 2013

Jason Gile, Ph.D. 2013

Recipient of the L. John and Marjorie Look Buyse Fellowship

Dean of Program Development and Innovation
Northern Seminary, Lombard, IL

My dissertation, “Deuteronomic Influence in the Book of Ezekiel,” supervised by Dr. Daniel Block, examined the prophet Ezekiel’s use of Deuteronomy’s language and ideas. Although most scholars recognize limited influence of Deuteronomy on this prophet of the 6th century B.C., I argued that its distinctive terms and concepts shaped Ezekiel’s message in significant ways as he responded to the crisis surrounding the Babylonian exile and the fall of Jerusalem. His use of Deuteronomy for his messages of indictment, judgment, and hope shows that Ezekiel regarded Deuteronomy among the statutes and regulations given to Israel by Yahweh in the wilderness (Ezek 20:11).

I highly recommend Wheaton’s Ph.D. program for several reasons. First, the integration of disciplines provides a helpful context to study the literary, historical, and theological dimensions of the Bible. Second, the program offers a unique blend of the American and European models, which gives students the opportunity to finish in a reasonable amount of time. Third, the School of Biblical and Theological Studies possesses an exceptional group of faculty whose expertise in diverse areas is extremely valuable to Ph.D. students. Fourth, Wheaton has a research-quality library that provides abundant resources for doctoral study. Lastly, I valued most the close student-mentor relationship. My mentor, Dr. Daniel Block, is known as much for his pastoral heart and warm presence as his academic rigor. His input and guidance were indispensable at every stage of my program.