Gregory Thellman Ph.D. 2016

Gregory Thellman Ph.D. 2016

Gregory Thellman

Recipient of the Eugene and Margaret Logan Fellowship

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Lecturer in Biblical Theology
Visoko Evandeosko Teološko Učilište (Evangelical Theological Seminary), Osijek, Croatia

Completed under the supervision of Dr. Nicholas Perrin, my dissertation, “Revealing the Past and Envisioning the Future: Matthew’s Apocalyptic Frame,” identifies apocalyptic discourse in Matthew’s compositional frame (1:1–4:16; 26:47–28:20) in light of scholarship on Jewish apocalyptic literature, and considers the rhetorical effects of this discourse for the Gospel as a whole. I conclude that Matthew’s extensive appropriation of apocalyptic discourse in the redactions and special material of his compositional frame justifies its designation as an ‘apocalyptic frame’ that functions both to establish the revelatory authority of Jesus and Matthew’s written Gospel itself.

I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to pursue doctoral studies in Biblical theology (New Testament) at Wheaton College. The excellence and size of the School of Biblical and Theological Studies, and the outstanding staff and resources at Wheaton College Library provided exceptional support for research. The characteristics of the program itself—the mentor driven approach, the integration of theological disciplines, the evangelical commitment, and the generous doctoral fellowships—are all distinctives that make the Wheaton program unmatched. Most importantly, the Wheaton Ph.D. program truly fosters a community of Christian scholars. I am thankful for the collaboration, encouragement, and friendship of my student colleagues, the accessibility and care of the faculty and program leadership, and the patient and wise guidance of my mentor Nicholas Perrin, all of which helped me navigate the inevitable mountains and valleys of doctoral studies. Wheaton College and the Wheaton community in general also proved to be a wonderful environment for my family during our residence there. Wheaton has truly become a second home for us. Finally, Wheaton College’s commitment to the worldwide church gave me the chance to connect with scholars and leaders who are active across the globe. I heartily recommend Wheaton College to aspiring doctoral students as a place to learn and grow as global Christian scholars.