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Elisee Ouoba, Ph.D. 2011

Elisee Ouoba, Ph.D. 2011

Recipient of the Virginia H. Roberts Fellowship

Asst. Professor of Biblical Studies
Spring Arbor University, Spring Arbor, MI

My dissertation was entitled, “Paul’s Use of Isaiah 27:9 and 59:20-21 in Romans 11:25-27” and was supervised by Dr. Douglas J. Moo. My purpose was to elucidate the origin of the citation of Rom 11:26b–27 and substantiate the proposal that the concepts exile and restoration provide a suitable framework for explaining the apostle’s hermeneutic. The study has described how Paul interprets Israel’s obtuseness vis-à-vis the gospel as a form of exile (Isaiah 27:7–11) and relies on Isaiah’s perspective on restoration (Isaiah 59:15b–21) in order to apply to Christ the role of the mediator through whom salvation comes for Israel.

My African, French-speaking background and my interest in an integrative approach to Biblical Studies explain my choice of Wheaton, where I could take advantage of learning in community at an evangelical institution at the cutting-edge of research in Biblical Theology. Several years of study at Wheaton College have taught me shaping spiritual lessons and lasting scholarly skills in a stimulating environment. The warm welcome and support I received from this community shielded me from discouragement in the face daunting challenges. Wheaton’s growing global approach to higher learning and the fine quality of its faculty uniquely position this institution to train men and women who can serve effectively in the church worldwide. I feel honored and proud to be a small part of this global vision.