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Barry Jones, Ph.D. 2008

Barry Jones, Ph.D. 2008

Barry JonesRecipient of the Betty Burtness Knoedler Fellowship

Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Spiritual Formation and Leadership
Dallas Theological Seminary; Dallas, TX

My dissertation was entitled "The Spirit's Witness: A Historical and Theological Examination of the testimonium spiritus sancti internum" (supervised by Dr. Stephen Spencer). In it I explored the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in the self-communicative action of the triune God by examining the New Testament theme of the Spirit as one who "testifies" or "bears witness." This theme contributed significantly to the theology of the Reformers in their sixteenth century conflict with Rome, but over time it came to be displaced by other considerations. My aim was to provide a historical orientation to this topic while also pointing toward the importance of this dimension of the Spirit's work for contemporary evangelical theology.

The Ph.D. program at Wheaton College provided the opportunity for me to pursue my academic goals with a close-knit community of students who stimulate and encourage one another through all the challenges of doctoral study and an outstanding faculty who provide admirable models of rigorous scholarship and Christian virtue. My engagement with these people in this learning environment shaped both my character and my competence as a Christian scholar. For that I am deeply grateful.