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For over 20 years, Arrow Leadership has focused on making a deep investment in a few Christian leaders for the sake of the many. That’s why Arrow Leadership, Arrow Executive Stream, and the Evangelism and Leadership Program at Wheaton College strategically partner to develop leaders in evangelism. Through a highly personalized, intentional and transformational approach, the Arrow Leadership program seeks to cultivate call, character, and competency in the lives of proven ministry leaders. This 18-month journey in community includes intensive feedback process, modular learning, mentoring, and peer networking.

Join the Arrow Leadership program for a discount on your education. Arrow Leadership graduates receive a discount on their tuition and 10 credits toward their degree. Arrow Executive Stream graduates receive a discount on their tuition and 8 credits toward their degree.

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Great question! We are targeting two primary groups, credentialed ministers and other church leaders. What types of church leaders? Whatever type you are. You may have a title and official responsibility, or you may have an unofficial responsibility of influence. If your pastor considers you a leader in the church, then so do we.

Students receive credits for the following courses if/when the following requirements are met:

  1. A student completes (as a paying student) the 4-credit course EVAN 542 Church: Models and Movements.
  2. Wheaton receives a report from Arrow a transcript showing successful completion of the Arrow training program.

 For Arrow Leadership (10 credits)

  • EVAN 534 Apologetics in Global Contexts (2)
  • MML 512 Leadership and Spiritual Formation (4)
  • EVAN 694 Seminar: Evangelism and the Local Church (2) (elective)
  • EVAN 691 Ministry Practicum (2) (elective)

For Arrow Executive Stream (8 credits)

  • MML 512 Leadership and Spiritual Formation(4)
  • EVAN 694 Seminar: Evangelism and the Local Church (2) (elective)
  • EVAN 691 Ministry Practicum (2) (elective)

Refer to Wheaton College Course Catalog for Electives and Course Descriptions


A cohort is simply a group of people brought together for a common purpose. In a cohort model, students stay together as a group throughout the program. The goal of a cohort is for you to build lasting relationships with a learning community that stays together for the entire length of the program.

The cohort model means that your fellow students will be taking each course with you, allowing you to develop deep life relationships with others who are hungry to expand their biblical knowledge for Christ and His Kingdom. Learn more about our partnership cohorts.

Nope! The modular and online program allows you to remain in your community and keep your job while earning your degree by taking the majority of classes online.

Three valuable one-week intensive/modular courses occur at the beginning, about halfway, and at the end. These allow you to connect and interact in person with faculty, your fellow cohort members, and Arrow leaders. The intensive/modular format courses begin the semester online with introductory assignments, then continue with a 6-day on-campus intensive portion, and finish with papers and/or projects for the remainder of the semester (see schedule).

Online courses are either 7 or 15 weeks long and can be done from anywhere! This structure enables students to immediately apply their learning in their current context while earning a master's degree.

If a full cohort of Arrow Leaders sign up to do the program together, each member will receive a group-rate scholarship toward tuition. (If members prefer to do the program over two years with other Wheaton students, a self-paced discount rate is still offered for Accord members.) Your organization may also be able to contribute to the cost as part of continuing education.

Visit the Financial Aid Office for more details on tuition and aid.

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