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InterVarsity Partnership

Be inspired. Be challenged. Be equipped.

For over 75 years, InterVarsity has had a presence on hundreds of college campuses, courageously proclaiming Jesus, engaging in discipleship around scripture, and loving people of every ethnicity and culture.

In 2006, Wheaton College partnered with InterVarsity to provide InterVarsity employees the opportunity to take their ministry to the next level. InterVarsity staff can earn a graduate degree, such as M.A. in Evangelism and Leadership, at a discounted rate. This allows them to grow in practical skills and receive a faith-based education at a more affordable rate.

For more information about the InterVarsity Partnership, please contact Ashley Condra directly at ashley.condra@wheaton.edu.

Interested in the InterVarsity Partnership?

Now you can earn your graduate degree at a discounted rated.