M.A. in Evangelism and Leadership Curriculum


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Master of Arts in Evangelism and Leadership

All students must complete 40 hours of course work.

EVAN Core (24 hours):

EVAN 526: Gospel: Theological Perspectives on Evangelism and Renewal (4 hours)

EVAN 534: Apologetics in Global Context (2 hours)

EVAN 542: Church: Movements and Models (4 hours)

EVAN 545: Culture: Emerging and Global (4 hours)

MML 512: Leadership & Spiritual Formation (4 hours)

EVAN 559: Organizational and Change Leadership (4 hours)

EVAN 573: Evangelism Research Methods (2 hours)

EVAN 692: Comprehensive Exam (0 hours)

BITH Core (12 hours): 

BITH 565:  Christian Theology

BITH 533:  Exploring the Old Testament

BIth 555: Exploring the New Testament

Refer to the Wheaton College Catalog for course descriptions.

Elective (4 hours)

Total                                                                  40 hours