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Together, Wheaton College and the Accord Network are partnering to help Accord Network member employees learn to lead with faith and humility, utilize evidence-based practice, and serve the most vulnerable and the Church globally while earning an M.A. in Humanitarian & Disaster Leadership. Our desire is to create a community where Christ-centered organizations, churches, and individuals leverage their combined learning to achieve the best in relief and development, sharing knowledge, skills, and support with one another.

Join the Accord Network cohort today, a group of graduate students who choose to grow and learn together through Wheaton College Graduate School. You have the unique opportunity to be part of a unique cohort specifically for Accord Network employees where you can earn an M.A. in Humanitarian & Disaster Leadership. You will take classes one at a time together online, with a generous scholarship toward your tuition for a full cohort.*


  • Grow in your career by earning a master’s degree from the first graduate program to combine humanitarian and disaster preparation with a focus on faith-driven leadership.
  • Receive a tuition discount as an active employee of your organization thanks to a partnership between Accord Network and Wheaton College's Humanitarian Disaster Institute.
  • Integrate field work related to your current role.
  • Learn from world-class faculty with academic credentials and practical experience that includes international development, disaster risk reduction, NGO leadership, and more.
  • Don’t “go it alone.” Wheaton is committed to the Accord mission of helping each other learn, staying focused and success in lifting the world’s poor

A cohort is simply a group of people brought together for a common purpose. In a cohort model, students stay together as a group throughout the program, allowing them to develop deep life relationships with other leaders who are hungry to expand their biblical knowledge of Christ and His kingdom. The goal of a cohort is for the group to stay together as a learning community for the entire length of the program.

  • First graduate program to emphasize humanitarian AND disaster preparation with a focus on faith-driven leadership.
  • First CCCU M.A. program to offer in-depth emergency and disaster response training.
  • Housed in HDI, the country’s first faith-based academic disaster research center.
  • One of the few M.A. programs in the country to truly teach global and interdisciplinary approaches to humanitarian and disaster assistance.
    • Led by award-winning faculty, including recognitions from FEMA, American Psychological Association, Mutual of America, Outreach magazine.

You will take a total of 40 credit hours.

  • 8 Foundations
  • 24 Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance
  • 8 Field Work and Independent Study
  • Comprehensive Exam


The M.A. in Humanitarian Disaster & Leadership allows you to get your degree in a format that fits your schedule. Students can complete the program online over the course of three years, and will meet in person annually for one day before and one day after the Accord conference for three consecutive years. The first Accord Network cohort will begin in Fall 2019 and end in Summer 2022.

Nope! The modular and online program allows you to remain in your community and keep your job while earning your degree by taking the majority of classes online.

Three valuable one-week intensive/modular courses occur at the beginning, about halfway, and at the end. These allow you to connect and interact in person with faculty, your fellow cohort members, and Accord Network leaders. The intensive/modular format courses begin the semester online with introductory assignments, then continue with a 6-day on-campus intensive portion, and finish with papers and/or projects for the remainder of the semester (see schedule).

Online courses are either 7 or 15 weeks long and can be done from anywhere! This structure enables students to immediately apply their learning in their current context while earning a master's degree.

If a full cohort of Accord Member organization employees sign up to do the program together, each member will receive a group-rate scholarship toward tuition. (If members prefer to do the program over two years with other Wheaton students, a self-paced discount rate is still offered for Accord members.) Your organization may also be able to contribute to the cost as part of continuing education.

Visit the Financial Aid Office for more details on tuition and aid.

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