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M.A. in Global Leadership Curriculum


This is an example. Please note that the most current and official curriculum information is found in our Course Catalog.

Requirements for the Global Leadership program leading to a Master of Arts degree consist of the successful completion of 40 semester hours.

  • LEAD 547 Communication and Leadership (2)
  • LEAD 556 Foundations of Leadership (4)
  • LEAD 557 Global Leadership (4)
  • LEAD 558 Personal Leadership and Ethics (4)
  • LEAD 662 Developing Diverse People in Multicultural Teams (2)
  • LEAD 663 Guiding Organizational Innovation and Change (2)
  • LEAD 573 Qualitative Research Methods (2)
  • INTR 561 Intercultural Communications (4)
  • EVAN 526 Gospel: Theological Perspectives on Evangelism and Renewal (4)
  • Category I Bible TSR requirement (4)
  • LEAD 693 Capstone (2)
  • Electives (6)

Student should select at least one from the following list of courses.

LEAD 649 Special Topic in Leadership (2 or 4)

CFM 521 Personal Spiritual Formation (2)

CFM xxx Conflict and Mediation (4)

HDI 534 NGO Leadership (2)

INTR 563 Cross-Cultural Teaching and Learning (2)

The remaining elective credits can come from any School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership course. Students wanting another option should speak with the Program Director.

As part of this 40-credit program, all graduate students are required to complete a theological studies requirement of 6 semester hours. For GBLD students, this consists of EVAN 526 plus a 4-hour course from the Category I listing in the Graduate School section of this catalog.