Scheduling Just Got Easier!

Posted August 23, 2017 by Academic and Institutional Technology
Tags: Updates

Scheduling Just Got Easier!

Introducing Calendly: Schedule Your Office Hours Online

With Calendly, you will never again need to post an office hour sign-up sheet outside your door. Instead, students can easily reserve meeting times online during hours convenient for your schedule. Calendly is an appointment scheduling tool that works with your Outlook calendar to allow others to sign up for open appointment slots during designated time blocks.

To read more about what Calendly is and how it works, we recommend reading this article.

Easily Add Your Class Times to Your Outlook Calendar

Beginning this fall, an automatic email will be sent to you with your classroom details and an appointment message that you will be able to accept. Once you accept, your class times are placed directly on to your Outlook calendar.

To read more about this email and how it will aid your preparation for the school year, we recommend reading this article.