PaperCut MF Printing Upgrade

Tags: Printing | Upgrades

On January 3, from 6-9 PM, the campus printing system, PaperCut MF, will be upgraded to the latest version. During this upgrade, campus printing will be unavailable. Read More

Tired of Slow Wi-Fi in the Dorms? You Can Help!

Tags: Network

When you’re working hard to finish an assignment or paper, nothing is more frustrating than unreliable Wi-Fi. Why does Wheaton College’s Wi-Fi sometimes feel unreliable when you’re working from your dorm room or apartment? Read More

Bringing Students Together: Collaborative Learning Spaces

Tags: Classroom Technology

Thanks to the collaboration efforts of TIR, the Provost’s Office, Facilities Development, faculty, and Academic and Institutional Technology, we are piloting brand-new collaborative learning spaces to support active class engagement. Read More

Don't Be a Billy: What NOT to do Online

Tags: Security | ThunderCloud Services

To learn how to keep your personal information safe, watch how Wheaton College students of the 1940s would have handled cybersecurity in the video “Don’t Be a Billy.” Read More