Phishing Alert | “Available Office Hours?”

Tags: Phishing Attempts

Some employees recently received an email claiming to be coming to Wheaton College to buy unwanted textbooks. The email requests that the employee respond to the email with their availability and room number. Read More

Disk Encryption for College-Owned Computers

Tags: Security

As part of an ongoing effort to enhance security and protect College data and student and employee personal information, we will begin encrypting the hard drives of College-owned computers issued to employees with access to sensitive data. Read More

Improving Your Memory

Tags: Training | ThunderCloud Services

Does your memory sometimes fail you? Not sure how to remember a long list of dates or the 23 steps in your lab procedure? We're recommending the short ThunderCloud Training video course, "Improving Your Memory." Read More

What You Need to Know About Cybersecurity

Tags: Training | ThunderCloud Services

Learning basic cybersecurity practices--or brushing up on what you already know--can help you stay safe and avoid the stress and time it takes to recover from compromised data. Read More

Department Files Moving to ThunderCloud Storage

Tags: ThunderCloud Services

In order to replace an outdated and inflexible system, department files will be moving to ThunderCloud Storage group shares by the end of June 2017. You may know department files as your "S drive" or "department share." Read More

ACNET No Longer Available

Tags: Security

As part of ongoing security improvements, the College’s ACNET file server will be shut down on February 22. This server was previously used for storing files for students working on projects. Read More


Tags: Phishing Attempts

Some employees and students recently received an email claiming to be a security notification from Wheaton College Campus Security. The email includes a hyperlink to a protocol outline that the recipients are supposed to open. Read More

Essential LISTSERV Mailing Lists Now Available

Tags: Updates

Essential LISTSERV mailing lists for critical or required information are now available. These mailing lists replace the current notification system. Essential LISTSERV mailing lists are populated based on Banner data and are refreshed daily. Read More

Subscription LISTSERV Mailing Lists Now Available

Tags: Updates

Subscription-based LISTSERV mailing lists for department events and general information are now available. These lists allow users to subscribe or unsubscribe at will. You can request subscription-based lists on behalf of your department. Read More

Phishing Alert | “fraudulent card charge”

Tags: Phishing Attempts

Employees recently received an email confronting them about an unknown credit card charge. The email directs the recipient to follow a hyperlink to view the sender’s bank statement and then respond to the email. Read More