Wheaton Professors Awarded Emeritus, Promotion, Tenure, and Faculty Achievement Awards

May 19, 2021

Provost Dr. Karen Lee recently announced faculty promotions and achievement awards.


Blanchard Hall - New Wheaton College IL Brand Announcement Wheaton College Provost Dr. Karen Lee recently announced the following faculty promotions, effective July 1, 2021:


Dr. Robert L. Brabenec, Professor of Mathematics Emeritus (57 years of service, 1964 – 2021)

Dr. Richard E. Butman, Professor of Psychology Emeritus (41 years of service, 1980 – 2021)

Dr. Karin R. Edwards, Professor of Music Emerita (34 years of service, 1987 – 2021)

Dr. Paul C. Egeland, Associate Professor of Education Emeritus (26 years, 1995 – 2021)

Dr. David B. Fletcher, Associate Professor of Philosophy Emeritus (40 years, 1981 – 2021)

Dr. Carolyn A. Hart, Professor of Music Emerita (22 years of service, 1999 – 2021)

Dr. Andrew E. Hill, Professor of Old Testament Emeritus (37 years of service, 1984 – 2021)

Dr. Terry L. Huttenlock, Associate Professor of Library Science Emerita (22 years of service, 1999 – 2021)

Dr. Jillian N. Lederhouse, Professor of Education Emerita (31 years of service, 1990 – 2021)

Dr. Cheri Lee Pierson, Associate Professor of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Emerita (25 years of service, 1996 – 2021)

Dr. Gerald R. Root, Professor of Evangelism Emeritus (25 years for service, 1996 – 2021)

Dr. Rodney J. Scott, Associate Professor of Biology Emeritus (32 years of service 1989 – 2021)

Dr. Daniel A. Sommerville, Professor of Music Emeritus (27 years of service, 1994 – 2021)

Dr. Annette H. Tomal, Professor of Business Emerita (26 years of service, 1995 – 2021)

Dr. Peter Walters, Professor of Applied Health Science Emeritus (25 years of service, 1996 – 2021)

Dr. W. Jay Wood, Professor of Philosophy Emeritus (39 years of service, 1982 – 2021)


Dr. Aimee Callender, Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Christine Jeske, Associate Professor of Anthropology

Dr. Tammy Schultz, Professor of Counseling

Dr. Ed Stetzer, Billy Graham Professor of Church, Mission, and Evangelism

Dr. Mark Yarhouse, Dr. Arthur P. Rech and Mrs. Jean May Rech Professor of Psychology

Dr. Thomas L. Boehm, Ann Haskins Assistant Professor of Special Education

Promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor and Tenure

Dr. Enoch Hill, Assistant Professor of Economics

Dr. Jacob Johnson, Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

Dr. Michael McKoy, Assistant Professor of Politics and International Relations

Dr. Hana Yoo, Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy 

Promotion from Associate Professor to Professor

Dr. Jamie D. Aten, Blanchard Associate Professor of Humanitarian and Disaster Leadership

Dr. Vincent E. Bacote, Associate Professor of Theology

Dr. Becky L. Eggimann, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Brian J. Miller, Associate Professor of Sociology

Dr. Sandra Yu Rueger, Associate Professor of Psychology

Promotion from Associate Professor Emerita to Professor Emerita

 Dr. Kathryn T. Long, Associate Professor of History Emerita 

Junior Faculty Achievement Awards

Dr. Ryan S. Kemp, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Hanmee Na Kim, Assistant Professor of History

Senior Scholarship Achievement Award

Dr. Shawn E. Okpebholo, Professor of Music

Senior Service Achievement Award

Dr. L. Kristen Page, Ruth Kraft Strohschein Distinguished Chair and Professor of Biology

Senior Teaching Achievement Awards

Dr. Andrew T. Abernethy, Associate Professor of Old Testament

Dr. Jeremy Cook, Associate Professor of Economics