Robert Brabenec Faculty Headshot

Robert Brabenec, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics Emeritus

On Faculty since 1964, Retired in 2021

Dr. Robert Brabenec began teaching mathematics at Wheaton College in June of 1964, and after a two year tour of active duty as an Army captain in missile intelligence, he returned to Wheaton in 1967 to become the chair of the newly formed Department of Mathematics. Over the years, he has developed a special interest in the history and foundations of mathematics, integrating these ideas into most courses that he teaches. In 1977, he began the organization that is now called the Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences. This organization of about 300 members sponsors a major conference every two years and supports other activities to help Christian mathematicians and computer scientists see connections between their academic discipline and their Christian faith. Visit the ACMS website

Dr. Brabenec is the author of two books, Introduction to Real Analysis, published by PWS-Kent in 1990, and Resources for the Study of Real Analysis, published by the Mathematical Association of America in 2005. He has written several articles and given many talks on topics dealing with calculus and analysis, as well as mathematical history and pedagogy. He spent his first six month sabbatical in 1988 at the Universities of London and Cambridge and a second sabbatical at the University of Virginia in 1995. Two additional sabbaticals were spent in Cambridge, England in 2002 and 2006. In the fall of 2009, he spent another sabbatical traveling to fifteen Christian colleges, where he presented over fifty talks on topics of mathematical history and foundational topics, and how they connect to faith issues. Dr. Brabenec and his wife have three children and eight grandchildren. They enjoyed travel, general history and biographies, and visiting museums and historical sites during their forty-six years of marriage until her death in 2007. He attends and is active at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Warrenville. He is involved with students, serving as faculty advisor to the International Justice Mission student chapter and the Wheaton Cares group, and as a faculty mentor to the track and cross country teams.

Ohio State University
Ph.D., 1964

Wheaton College
B.S., 1960

  • Real Analysis
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
  • Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences (ACM)
  • Math 231, 232 Calculus I and II
  • Math 351, 451 Analysis I and II
  • Math 494 History and Foundations of Mathematics
  • "An Overview of the History of Mathematics"
  • "The Axiomatic Method"
  • "Cantor's Theory of the Infinite"
  • "Bringing Rigor into Calculus"
  • "A Variety of Ways to Find Area"
  • "A Christian Perspective on Mathematics"
  • "Thinking Philosophically about Mathematics"
  • "The 25 Greatest Mathematicians"
  • "Three Main Themes in the Historical Development of Algebra"