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Ryan Kemp, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

On Faculty since 2015
Blanchard 112

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I work primarily in 18th- and 19th-Century European Philosophy, with particular interest in Kant, German Idealism, and Kierkegaard. I have additional research and teaching interests in early modern philosophy and ethics.

University of Notre Dame
Ph. D., Philosophy, 2015

University of Copenhagen Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre
Visiting Researcher, 2013

Fordham University
M. A., Philosophy, 2010

Texas A&M University
B. A., Philosophy, 2007

  • 19th Century European Philosophy
  • Kant
  • 20th Century European Philosophy
  • Ethics

Rethinking the Highest Good: Kierkegaard on God, Virtue, and (This-Worldly) Happiness
Conference on Kant and the Possibility of Progress, Boston College, 2018

Hitting Rock Bottom: David Foster Wallace on the Rationality of Conversion (and Transformative Teaching)
Ohio Valley Philosophy of Education Society, 2017

Kierkegaard on What you Can (and Cannot) Expect From Faith
Søren Kierkegaard Society, Pacific APA, 2017

Reviving the No-Bad-Action Problem in Kant's Ethics
Midwest Study Group of the North American Kant Society, 2016

Kant and the Problem of Moral Conversion
Southern Study Group of the North American Kant Society, 2015

Kierkegaard on the Relationship between Faith and Belief
Conference on "The Redemption of Feeling" in the Religious Existentialists, Queens College, Flushing, NY, 2015

On valuing the means to one’s ends: a challenge argument for constructivist ethical theories
Illinois Philosophical Association (Special plenary session with response by Sharon Street.), 2012

Is Foot an immoralist?
Pacific APA (Main Program), 2012

Kant’s theory of taste
United Kingdom Kant Society, 2011

Rethinking Kant's Theory of Taste
Southern Study Group of the North American Kant Society, 2011

The contingency of evil: rethinking the problem of universal evil in Kant’s "Religion"
Southern Study Group of the North American Kant Society, 2010

Value Transformation in Fichte, Hegel and Kierkegaard, Manuscript due 2019
(Contracted, Routledge)

The Routledge Guidebook to Kierkegaard’s Either/OrManuscript due 2018
(Contracted, Routledge)

Kant’s Subjective Deduction: A Reappraisal, European Journal of Philosophy

The Role of Imagination in Kierkegaard's Account of Ethical Transformation, Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 

Did Napoleon Teleologically Suspend the Ethical? A Dilemma for Some ‘Hegelian’ Readings of Fear and Trembling The Kierkegaardian Mind
Routledge, (Forthcoming)

Kierkegaard on the (Un)happiness of Faith | British Journal for the History of Philosophy
with M. Mullaney, 2017

Revisiting Kant's Deduction of Taste, History of Philosophy Quarterly

How to Become an Idealist: Fichte on the Transition from Dogmatism to Idealism, British Journal for the History of Philosophy

The Self-Transformation Puzzle, Res Philosophica 

Johanes de silentio: Religious Poet or Faithless Aesthete?, in Jon Stewart (ed.), Kierkegaard's Pseudonyms 
UK: Ashgate Publishing Company. 2015

A, the Aesthete: Aestheticism and The Limits of Philosophy, In Jon Stewart (ed.), Kierkegaard's Pseudonyms 
UK: Ashgate Publishing Company. 2015

Repetition, In Steven Emmanuel, William McDonald, Jon Stewart (ed.) Kierkegaard's Concepts 
UK: Ashgate Publishing Company. 2015

Desiderata for a Viable Secular Humanism, Journal of Applied Philosophy

In Defense of a Straightforward Reading of Fear and TremblingKierkegaard Studies Yearbook 

The Contingency of Evil: Rethinking the Problem of Universal Evil in Kant's ReligionRethinking Kant: Volume Three
UK: Cambridge Scholars. (Awarded Herz Prize by the North American Kant Society) 2011

Making Sense of the Ethical Stage: Revisiting Kierkegaard's Aesthetic to Ethical Transition, Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook

Review of Merold Westphal's In Praise of HeteronomyNotre Dame Philosophical Reviews