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Psychology and Spirituality Research Lab

Psychology and Spirituality Research Lab

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ward Davis

The Psychology and Spirituality Research Lab (PSRL) is a research team comprised of Wheaton graduate and undergraduate psychology students. The mission of PSRL is to advance the scientific study of spirituality to promote health and well-being. At PSRL our research and resources focus on the intersections between psychology and spirituality, with an emphasis on Christian spirituality. 

Our Activities

  • Writing scholarly articles and book chapters
  • Conducting original research and disseminating our findings
  • Offering downloadable resources for use by scholars, scientists, practitioners, and leaders, as well as the interested public

If you are interested in the scientific study of Christian spirituality, attracted to the scholarly and clinical integration of psychology and spirituality, or intrigued by how the study of psychology can help the Church, then the PSRL may be a great fit for you.

Current Projects:

  • Grant-funded research on disaster survivors’ spirituality (in collaboration with the Humanitarian Disaster Institute)
  • Grant-funded research on promoting humility among Christian leaders
  • Grant-funded research on the religious/spiritual struggles of Wheaton college undergraduate students
  • Research on spiritually integrative residential treatment for survivors of sex trafficking
  • Research on culturally adapted treatment of childhood trauma
  • Research on embodiment and Christian spirituality
  • Research on the identity integration of religious/spiritual sexual minorities
  • Research on the spirituality of Christian adolescents

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