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Youth Risk and Resilience Lab

Youth Risk and Resilience Lab

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sandra Yu Rueger

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The purpose of the Youth Risk and Resilience lab (YouRR Lab) at Wheaton College is to add to the scientific literature and share findings with the general public on effective ways to mobilize resources within the family and larger community to prevent and treat depressive disorders in children and adolescents, and alcohol-related problems in adolescents and young adults. Risk and resilience factors to depression that are the focus of research in YouRR Lab are: attributional style, social support/resources, parent-child relationships, hope, and optimism.  Underage drinking and alcohol use as a maladaptive coping mechanism are the focus of a related line of research in YouRR Lab.  Risk and resilience factors associated with alcohol misuse include subjective responses to alcohol, motives to drink or to abstain from alcohol, and parental monitoring of youth.

The underlying goal of all projects in YouRR Lab is to gain an understanding of the role that risk and resilience factors play in youth’s healthy adaptation to stressful life events. Differences based on gender or ethnicity/race are of particular interest. New projects focused on emotional health and alcohol use in minority populations (Asians/Asian Americans) are in the development phase.

Both graduate and undergraduate students interested in studying risk and resilience factors related to depression and substance use disorders, especially in minority populations, are welcome to join the lab.  Lab meetings will involve, but is not limited to, updates and planning for active research projects (including student thesis/dissertation projects), and lectures/discussions on topics related to the research process.

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