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Psy.D. Faculty

Fifteen department faculty members play a role in the doctoral program. The core faculty of the Psy.D. program consists of eight individuals who contribute more than half of their time to this program. All of the core faculty members of the Psy.D. program have attended doctoral programs and internships that are accredited by the American Psychological Association. Consistent with the training model employed, every effort has been made to attract scholars with strong interests in clinical practice and practitioners with strong scholarly interests and abilities.

In addition, the Psy.D. program also employs the talents of several affiliated and guest faculty members.

Sally Schwer Canning, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology


Ward Davis, Psy.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology


Tao Liu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology


John McConnell faculty photo
John McConnell, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology


Benjamin Pyykkonen faculty photo
Benjamin Pyykkonen, Ph.D.
Psy.D. Program Director, Associate Professor of Psychology


Sandra Yu Rueger, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology


Faculty Profile Variant
Vitaliy Voytenko, Psy.D.
Director of Clinical Training, Assistant Professor of Psychology


Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Ph.D.
Visiting Distinguished Professor of Psychology