ELIC Teaching Partnership

Be inspired. Be challenged. Be equipped.

Through English education, ELIC influences future leaders throughout Asia (China, Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Vietnam), the Middle East and North Africa (Bethlehem, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey). ELIC also helps with language development, literacy, and other spiritual and physical needs.

Wheaton’s partnership with English Language Institute (ELIC Teaching Solutions) started in 2005. Together, we desired to help raise up future leaders by offering them an opportunity to earn a graduate degree at a discounted rate. ELIC influencers can now get the faith-based education they need to become leaders that will engage their world for the cause of Christ.

The following degrees are eligible for this partnership:

For more information about the ELIC Partnership, please contact Ashley Condra directly at ashley.condra@wheaton.edu.

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