In keeping with Wheaton College‚Äôs Strategic Priorities, the MFT program strives to uphold the Biblical imperative for ethnic diversity.

As Wheaton College President Ryken (2012) noted in his Strategic Priorities, “Living in a diverse learning community that values cultural differences enriches the Wheaton experience for everyone and honors God’s intention for the body of Christ.” These beliefs lead to the commitment of our program to focus on building and maintaining a diverse faculty, supervisor, and student body. Below you can see the ethnic and gender composition of current faculty, supervisors, and students.

MFT Program Demographic Information 

Ethnicity Faculty Supervisors Current Students
Non-Resident (International) 0 0 6
Asian or Pacific Islander 1 1 2
African-American/African/Black/non-Hispanic 0 0 2
White/non-Hispanic 10 7 18
Hispanic/Latino/Chicano 0 1 3
Multiethnic 0 0 1
American Indian or Alaska Native 0 0 0
Other (Declined to Report) 0 0 0
Gender Faculty Supervisors Current Students
Female 5 7 25
Male 6 1 7

*Note: Information is updated every January