Strategic Priorities for Wheaton's Future

Wheaton College remains rooted in its historic mission.

Our perennial and fundamental commitments continue—love for Christ, faith in the gospel, confidence in God’s Word, adherence to our evangelical Statement of Faith, promise to keep our Community Covenant, calling to integrate learning with faith, and desire to develop students who live for Christ and His Kingdom.

Yet we also recognize that seizing the opportunities presented by each new season in life and ministry calls for strategic thinking. At the present moment in our history and mission, we recommend equally the following strategic priorities. 

  • Seek major new funding for endowed and other scholarships that provide targeted need and merit-based grants for world-changing leaders, enabling Wheaton to continue fulfilling its calling as a premier Christian liberal arts college and graduate school by investing new resources in recruiting and matriculating an exceptional, diverse student body. 
  • Implement a campus-wide framework for Christian formation that will inspire students, faculty, and staff to grow biblically, spiritually, and theologically in faith, hope, and love as gracious virtues that are integral to a Christ-centered liberal arts education and vital for evangelical witness in a pluralistic world. 
  • Start a learning and teaching center that centralizes tutoring and other resources for writing, math, research, testing, and other subjects that promote academic success—including for students from diverse backgrounds or with varied learning needs—while supporting faculty growth in Christ-focused, theologically-informed, pedagogically-sound, innovative teaching and mentoring.
  • Offer every student life-shaping internships and other learning experiences that are holistic and immersive—including opportunities to earn credit and to work or serve in cross-cultural contexts—with structured opportunities to reflect on life calling and Christian witness with trusted mentors.
  • Grow a global Graduate School that expands Wheaton’s kingdom impact in church and society by launching a new catalyst fund for starting innovative programs and strengthening international partnerships, including flexible degree programs.
  • Establish the Wheaton College Library as the academic heart of Wheaton’s campus by constructing a spiritually and intellectually spacious center for student learning and faculty development, adding space for a growing book collection and emerging information technologies, and possibly bringing all of the Library’s special collections under a single roof.