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Wheaton College Board of Trustees

Wheaton College IL Board of Trustees 2018


Mr. James Goetz '79

Corporation Executive - Retired
Wheaton, IL

Dr. Andrea D. Scott '93
Vice Chair
Newberg, OR

Mrs. Kathy Vaselkiv '83

Non-Profit Leadership
Baltimore, MD


Board Members

Mrs. Barbara W. Anderson '70
Shoreview, MN
Bishop Emery Lindsay
Los Angeles, CA
Mr. John H. Augustine '79
Corporation Executive
Guttenberg, NJ
Mr. Jeffrey Meyer '82
Corporation Executive
Hamburg, NY
Dr. Darrell L. Bock
Seminary Professor
Dallas, TX
Dr. Charles William Pollard III '85
University President
Siloam Springs, AR
Dr. David K. Gieser '71
Wheaton, IL
Mr. Steve Preston
Corporation Executive
McLean, VA
Mr. Philip G. Hubbard '72
Corporation Executive
Northfield, IL
Dr. Philip G. Ryken '88
Wheaton College President
Wheaton, IL
Mr. Gregory L. Jao
Author and Christian Leader
Elmhurst, IL
Mrs. Mary J. Schaller
Ministry (retired)
Wheaton, IL
Mr. K. Anthony Keilhacker '85
Venture Capitalist
Claremont, CA
Mr. Dale C. Wong ‘85
Corporation Executive
Hinsdale, IL