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GLS Organizational Leadership Certificate

Why Pursue an Organizational Leadership Certificate?

A special initiative in partnership with the Global Leadership Summit, the Organizational Leadership Certificate equips global marketplace, nonprofit, or church and parachurch organization leaders with the academic, spiritual, and practical skills needed to influence and lead for Christ and His Kingdom.

The Organizational Leadership Certificate, in partnership with the Global Leadership Summit, provides advanced development training for Christian leaders. In these specially tailored courses, learn to communicate vision and change in a variety of contexts, cultures, and teams; increase your skills in personal and group development; and be equipped to fruitfully guide organization strategy and manage change within global contexts.

Please note that successful completion of the Wheaton College GLS Communication and Leadership Certificate is required for admission to the program. Click here to view all admission requirements.

Organizational Leadership Certificate Requirements

  • Organizational and Change Leadership (LEAD 559) (4 Credits)

Plus one of the following

  • Global Leadership (LEAD 557)  (4 Credits)

  • Congregational Leadership (MIN 561) (4 Credits)

In the Organizational Leadership Certificate, all students take LEAD 559. However, students can to choose their area of focus for their second course. How do you know which course to choose? If you are looking toward global leadership and think you may wish to pursue the M.A. in Global Leadership sometime in the future, you should take LEAD 557 Global Leadership. If you are passionate about leading in churches and think you might want to pursue the M.A. in Ministry Leadership, you should take MIN 561 Congregational Leadership. Not sure? We’d love you talk with you to help you discover your passion and path.

Learn more about admission requirements for the Organizational Leadership Certificate