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Elementary Education Major

Initial Elementary License

Elementary Education majors are licensed for grades 1-6. Students are encouraged to add a subsequent endorsement to their primary elementary license, as these endorsements can often increase employment opportunities. Subsequent endorsements can be added in ESL or Bilingual, Middle School English/Language Arts, Mathematics, General Science, or Social Science, and Special Education. The Initial Elementary License can be earned as a traditional undergraduate student or in conjunction with the Master of Arts in Teaching.

Additional Endorsements

Elementary Education Recommended Course Sequence

Click below to view the Elementary Education course requirements including Christ at the Core general Education classes. All education classes are offered both semesters unless otherwise noted. Check all course listings and degree requirements in the course catalog. Student teaching can be completed in the Fall or Spring semester, but most elementary education majors student teach in the fall of their senior year.

Additional Education Electives

  • EDUC 201 U.S. Education Policy: Problems and Possibilities
  • ENGL 327 Adolescent Literature
  • EDUC 498 Literacy Assessment
  • EDUC 405L Middle Grade Practicum (required for Middle Grade Endorsement if Teacher Aiding Practicum was not completed in a Middle School.)

The coursework and timeline are different if student pursues the Masters in Arts and Teaching. See the courses and timeline for the MAT

The Wheaton Teacher Education Program (WheTEP) requires any interested student seeking a teaching license to complete all WheTEP prerequisites before applying to the licensure program offered by Wheaton College. Acceptance for enrollment in Wheaton College is necessary but not sufficient for acceptance into WheTEP.


I know that I would not be able to love my students this well had I not attended Wheaton and had my heart and life not been so radically transformed by the Lord through my time there. — Sara Grace Rosselli, 2020 , Elementary Education