Additional Endorsements

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Additional Endorsements You Can Add to ANY Initial License

Wheaton College offers several subsequent endorsements that can be added onto any initial Professional Educator License. The requirements for these endorsements can be met concurrently with the other coursework being completed during the undergraduate timeline or after graduation. 

Middle-Grade (5-8)

Elementary education majors interested in teaching a specific middle school content area can add the middle-grade endorsement by taking 18 hours in that content area. Secondary education majors automatically earn their middle-grade endorsement through completion of the secondary education coursework.
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ESL/ Bilingual Education

Students are able to complete an ESL or Bilingual Education endorsement alongside any initial licensure program. The ESL endorsement prepares students to be general education teachers well prepared to support English learners or ESL specialists. The bilingual endorsement prepares students to teach in bilingual, dual language, or heritage language programs. It can be earned in over 35 languages. 
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Special Education

This special education endorsement will equip you to effectively serve students with exceptional needs guided by a biblical worldview. Students may complete this Learning Behavior Specialist 1 (LBS1) endorsement alongside any initial licensure program. Upon graduation, this endorsement will enhance your employability as an extra credentialed general educator and/or work as a special educator. 
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