PK-12 World Language and Music

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PK-12 World Language and Music 

Wheaton offers programs for World Language and Music candidates planning to teach in Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12. The initial PK-12 license in a world language can be earned as an undergraduate double major (language + secondary education) or in conjunction with the Master of Arts in Teaching.  The music license can only be earned through a Bachelors of Music Education.

PK-12 Endorsements 

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Music: Through the Wheaton College Conservatory students can pursue Music Education with a focus on either choral or instrumental teaching. Students must apply to Wheaton through the Conservatory of Music.

Additional Endorsements

PK-12 Education students can add additional endorsements onto their initial Professional Educator License (PEL). The requirements for the additional endorsements are completed in conjunction to your major and education coursework. Additional endorsements are not required but allow you the opportunity to specialize in your field prior to being hired.

Other Endorsements to consider adding to your license

Special Education ESL/Billingual


Major Academic Plans

Click your desired content area below to view all course requirements in a recommended sequence including Christ at the Core general education classes. All education classes are offered both semesters unless otherwise noted. Check all course listings and degree requirements in the course catalog.

Additional Education Electives

  • EDUC 201 U.S. Education Policy: Problems and Possibilities
  • ENGL 327 Adolescent Literature
  • EDUC 405L Middle Grade Practicum (required for Middle Grade Endorsement if Teacher Aiding Practicum was not completed in a Middle School.)

The coursework and timeline are different if student pursues the (Foreign language only). 

The Wheaton Teacher Education Program (WheTEP) requires any interested student seeking a teaching license to complete all WheTEP prerequisites before applying to the licensure program offered by Wheaton College. Acceptance for enrollment in Wheaton College is necessary but not sufficient for acceptance into WheTEP.