For Current Students

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We want to help you be as successful as possible both during your time as a student and after graduation. Select the appropriate link below to gain additional information.

Wheaton Teacher Education Program (WheTEP)

All education majors must be accepted into the Wheaton Teacher Education Program (WheTEP) either Spring of their Sophomore year (undergraduates) or Spring of their Junior year (Accelerated MAT), in order to advance beyond their foundational coursework in the major. 

Forms and Templates

There are a variety of forms related to both practica and student teaching. We have organized them so that students can easily find what they need. 

Department Scholarships

Students already accepted into WheTEP are eligible to apply for a variety of both need and merit-based scholarships. Learn more about the available scholarships and apply now!


Questions about the kinds of licenses offered, how to apply for an initial/subsequent license, reciprocity of licensure for students living outside of Illinois, and more come quickly and easily in Wheaton's Education program.

Preparing for a Job

Take the next step to prepare for your future classroom. Access resources to polish your resume, write a cover letter, and practice your interview answers. 

State Licensure Reciprocity

Looking to teach in another state? Learn about the state reciprocity requirements for how to transfer your IL Professional Educator License to any other state in the United States.

Candidate Rights and Responsibilities

Know your rights as a student throughout the WheTEP process.