Accelerated MAT Elementary Education

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Accelerated MAT in Elementary Education

Obtaining the MAT degree in Elementary Education typically takes 2 years, but the Accelerated MAT program enables current Wheaton College undergraduate students to earn a teaching license and a Master’s degree by studying just one additional year at the college after getting their BA degree. By taking the accelerated option, students can save time and expense involved in application and coursework! 

Added Expertise

Current Wheaton students who want to earn an elementary teaching license through this Accelerated Master’s program should not choose elementary education for their BA degree, because it will create redundancy. Instead, students can select any other undergraduate major at Wheaton College. An advantage is that by combining a non-education undergraduate study and an elementary education coursework at Master’s level, students can develop their knowledge and expertise as a future elementary school teacher.

License and Endorsement Information

This MAT program enables candidates to earn an Illinois Professional License (PEL) in Elementary Education (grades 1-6).

Middle Grades Endorsement

Candidates pursuing MAT Elementary Education can add the following Middle Grades endorsements (Gr. 5-8) by completing 18 credit hours of coursework and passing the content test. The 18 credit hours should include a middle methods course (2 credit hours).

Students can also add the World Languages (Spanish, French, German) (Gr. K-12) and ESL / Bilingual (Gr. preK-12) endorsements by completing 18 credit hours of coursework. Special Education (LBS I) endorsement can be added to the PEL as well.

MAT Application

Wheaton College undergraduate students desiring to pursue an Accelerated MAT need to decide no later than their junior year whether to follow the bachelor's licensure program or the MAT licensure program. The deadline to apply for the Accelerated MAT program is March 1 of the junior year.

The following pre-requisite education courses must have been completed before applying for the Accelerated MAT program in Elementary Education: EDUC 135, EDUC 136, EDUC 136L, EDUC 225, and EDUC 225L.

Information for submission of an MAT online application is available at Wheaton College Graduate School Admissions 

Requirement for Admission of Accelerated MAT in Elementary Education

  • Cumulative GPA 3.0 minimum
  • Official transcripts from Wheaton College
  • Graduate Short Application Form
  • Online Recommendation Form submitted by a professor
  • Resumé
  • Research Paper (previously submitted as a course assignment)
  • No application processing fee


This is an example. Please note that the most current and official curriculum information is found in our Course Catalog.

Curriculum Example: Accelerated MAT in Elementary Education requires 24 hours of undergraduate pre-requisites and 34 graduate hours. Among 34 required graduate credit hours, up to a total of 16 credit hours (a maximum 8 credit hours per semester) can be taken in the undergraduate senior year after being accepted to the Accelerated MAT program.

Education Core (30 Credits)

  • EDUC 511 Theories and Methods of Teaching Elementary and Middle School Students
  • EDUC 511L Methods Practicum for Elementary and Middle School
  • EDUC 529 Literacy Assessment
  • EDUC 531 Ethical Perspectives on Teaching
  • EDUC 542 Research Methodologies in Education
  • EDUC 551 Mind, Brain, Education
  • EDUC 587 Philosophical Foundations of Education
  • EDUC 594 Craft of Teaching
  • EDUC 596 Student Teaching
  • EDUC 597 Scholarly Inquiry Paper
  • LING 531 Theological Perspectives on Language and International Education
  • LING 618 English Language Learning Content Methods and Materials

Biblical and Theological Studies (4 Credits)

  • One Bible/Theology course from BITH 565, BITH 566, BITH 576


  • Complete a Scholarly Inquiry Paper or thesis within five years of the first term as a full M.A.T. student

Total: 34 credits

For the list of pre-requisites and additional information, refer to the Recommended Course Sequence for the Accelerated MAT in Elementary Education (PDF) as provided below.

View the Recommended A-MAT in Elementary Education Course Sequence Here