Accelerated MAT

female teacher at the white board

Accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching

In this combined program, students will begin their graduate coursework in their senior year at Wheaton College. Students will then complete their graduate coursework and the student teaching practicum in their fifth year. Elementary and Secondary students are eligible to pursue the MAT.

Why Pursue the Accelerated MAT?

  • Financially less expensive than a traditional Master's program. Accelerated MAT students can save up to $17,000 compared to general Master's students at Wheaton
  • Save time: MA degree can be obtained by studying just an additional year
  • No application fee or test required
  • Flexibility in schedule for those planning to study abroad or participate in HNGR
  • More semesters of participating in sport for athletics
  • No need for a double major in secondary education and thus room for other major/minor
  • Candidates in MAT secondary education can choose any concentration in their undergraduate major
  • Prospective elementary teachers can choose any discipline (except elementary education) for their undergraduate major

How did the Accelerated MAT prepare you to teach? 

Anna Joy"The Accelerated MAT has challenged me to think deeply about history, pedagogy, and the importance of teaching in a way that reflects Christ. My classes have provided a foundation upon which I can now enter education seeking to glorify the Lord and love my students."

Anna Joy Setran, '21
Accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching with History Social Science