Accelerated MAT Secondary Education

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Accelerated MAT in Secondary Education

Obtaining the MAT degree in Secondary Education typically takes 1.5 years, but the Accelerated MAT program enables current Wheaton College undergraduate students to earn a teaching license and a Master’s degree by studying just one additional year at the college after getting their BA degree. By taking the accelerated option, students are given increased flexibility while completing their undergraduate BA or BS in their content area (Math, science, English, History, World Language). It can save time and expense involved in application and coursework!

License & Endorsement Information

This MAT program enables students to earn an Illinois Professional License (PEL) in grades 9-12 in the following approved areas:

Select your desired content area to learn more. 

Additional Middle Grades (5-8) Endorsement:

All student pursing Secondary Education automatically earn their middle grades endorsement through their required coursework and passing the IL middle grades content area test.

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Science
  • General Science 

Subsequent Endorsements 

Secondary students can add additional endorsements onto their initial Professional Educator License (PEL). Additional endorsements can be added by taking 18 credits hours in that content area and passing the IL middle grades content area test. The requirements for the additional endorsements are completed in conjunction to your major and education coursework. Additional endorsements are not required but allow you the opportunity to specialize in your field prior to being hired.

Education Specific Endorsements

MAT Application

Wheaton College undergraduate students desiring to pursue an Accelerated MAT need to decide no later than their junior year whether to follow the bachelor's licensure program or the MAT licensure program. The deadline to apply for the Accelerated MAT program is March 1 of the junior year.

The following pre-requisite education courses must have been completed before applying for the Accelerated MAT program in Secondary Education:

EDUC 135, EDUC 136, EDUC 136L, EDUC 225, and EDUC 225L.

Information for submission of an MAT online application is available at Wheaton College Graduate School

Requirement for Admission of Accelerated MAT in Secondary Education

  • Cumulative GPA 3.0 minimum
  • Official transcripts from Wheaton College
  • Graduate Short Application Form
  • Online Recommendation Form submitted by a professor
  • Resumé
  • Research Paper (previously submitted as a course assignment)
  • No application processing fee