Professional Practice as Service

The graduate school exists to "relate Christian education to the needs of contemporary society . . . to enable the committed Christian student to formulate and articulate a biblical and global understanding of life and ministry and to apply it to service for Christ and His kingdom. The emphasis of the graduate program throughout its history has been on practical scholarship -- scholarship totally rooted in the final authority of the Scriptures but practical so that educated and trained Christian leaders are equipped to relate to the real needs of people today"(Catalog of Wheaton College).

The Graduate School of Wheaton College has existed throughout its history to facilitate and prepare students for service to the Church and to the world. We wish to emphasize and model this service orientation in the doctoral program in clinical psychology. It is our goal to expose students to training with underserved populations. As a community, we strive to model Christ's love to all regardless of whether they belong to his Body, the Church. We strive to model the very compassion of Christ himself, who mourned for the poor, the down-trodden, and the victims of injustice, regardless of their personal religious faith.