Community Context of Training

We attempt to be a Christian community of learning and growth that fosters growth in all areas of life, not just in narrowly professional domains. We will strive for a quality of caring relationships that encourages growth in all areas of the lives of students, faculty, staff, and families.

The most effective learning probably does not occur when students are in a passive mode listening to an "expert" pontificate on his or her subject matter. Learning will be maximally effective when traditional methods are complemented by active learning in a context where there is the possibility of mentorship and apprenticeship relationships with a professional the student can emulate. The doctoral program in clinical psychology attempts to foster this kind of learning environment by maintaining as small a training program as is fiscally viable. The program is budgeted on 65 full-time students (equivalent), and a student to faculty ratio of 10 to 1. Further, faculty are involved in the oversight of student clinical work, in the qualifying examination process, and in the required clinical dissertation.

As a complement to our relative religious uniformity, we desire to maintain and even celebrate diversity in terms of gender, culture, ethnicity, and age. Wheaton College is committed to an international focus and to valuing the various cultural traditions of the United States.