Grants and Scholarships

Research Support

Our program offers opportunities to receive financial support to cover some costs of travel, research, dissertations, and more.

Psy.D. Program Student Conference Travel Scholarship

Up to $700 per year. Given the research opportunities students have within the department, opportunities may arise to make a presentation with faculty at a conference. This scholarship covers eligible expenses related to the conference if the student is working with a faculty member on the project being presented and helps make the presentation. Eligible expenses are conference registration fees, presentation materials, travel, lodging and presentation costs.

Graduate Student Conference Presentation (GSCP) Grant and Travel Reimbursement Guidelines

Up to $500 per year. In addition to the Psy.D. Student Travel Scholarship, the Wheaton College Graduate School offers opportunities for students of the program to receive grants for presenting scholarship at conferences.

Psy.D. Diversity & Justice Mini-Grant

Up to $1000.  Students may apply for funding from the Diversity and Justice Committee for projects that address issues of cultural diversity and biblical justice in clinical psychology.

Dissertation Support

Up to $500. A limited dissertation grant is available for students whose research requires expenditure for direct expenses such as printing, postage, and equipment costs.

General Program Scholarships/Support

The Doctor of Psychology Program has a substantial budget line dedicated to direct scholarship aid to students. Every student receives scholarships which typically range from $6,000 to $10,000. Visit   for more details about scholarships available to students of the program.