M.A. in Theology Faculty Books: A Select List

Theology faculty are regularly publishing books in their areas of discipline and interest. Here is a sampling of our faculty publications.

Book Cover of Sara Coleridge: Her Life and Thought
Sara Coleridge: Her Life and Thought—Barbeau

Dr. Jeffrey Barbeau explores the biographical and intellectual history of Sara Coleridge (1802–52), a writer whose greatest works never appeared in print. Known to the public as the daughter of S. T. Coleridge and author of a few modest publications—a small collection of children's poems, translations of popular travel literature, and an innovative fairy tale—Sara's many unpublished manuscripts, letters, and other writings reveal an original thinker in dialogue with leaders of the Oxford Movement as well as other major literary and cultural figures in nineteenth-century England.

Book Cover of Coleridge, the Bible, and Religion
Coleridge, the Bible, and Religion—Barbeau

Dr. Jeffrey Barbeau reconstructs the system of religion that Coleridge develops in Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit (1840). Coleridge’s late system links four sources of divinity—the Bible, the traditions of the church, the interior work of the Spirit, and the inspired preacher—to Christ, the Word. In thousands of marginalia and private notebook entries, Coleridge challenges traditional views of the formation and inspiration of the Bible, clarifies the role of the church in biblical interpretation, and elucidates the relationship between the objective and subjective sources of revelation. Through late writings that develop a robust system of religion, Coleridge conveys his commitment to biblical wisdom.

Book Cover for Marc Cortez's ReSourcing Theological Anthropology
ReSourcing Theological Anthropology—Cortez

Dr. Marc Cortez presents the key texts, challenges, and conversations supporting theological anthropology. Guiding the reader through a methodology for forming a distinctly Christological and anthropological understanding, he then employs such an approach to the key issues impacting the understanding of human personhood today.

Book Cover of Embodied Souls, Ensouled Bodies
Embodied Souls, Ensouled Bodies: An Exercise in Christological Anthropology and Its Significance for the Mind/Body Debate—Cortez

Dr. Marc Cortez explores the relationship between Christology and theological anthropology through the lens provided by the theology of Karl Barth and the mind/body discussion in contemporary philosophy of mind.

Book Cover for Theology and the Mirror of Scripture: A Mere Evangelical Account (Studies in Christian Doctrine and Scripture)—Treier
Theology and the Mirror of Scripture: A Mere Evangelical Account (Studies in Christian Doctrine and Scripture)—Treier

"Evangelicalism" has long been a hotly disputed label, and what counts as evangelical theology is often anyone's guess. Is evangelicalism a static bounded set defined by clear doctrinal limits, or is it a dynamic centered set without a discernible circumference? In this inaugural volume in the Studies in Christian Doctrine and Scripture, Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer and Dr. Daniel Treier present evangelical theology as an "anchored" set, rooted in the Trinity. In response to increasing evangelical fragmentation, Theology and the Mirror of Scripture offers a clarion call to reconceive evangelical theology theologically by reflecting on the God of the gospel as mirrored in Scripture. Such "mere" evangelical theology will be an exercise in Christian wisdom for the purpose of building up the fellowship of saints.

Book Cover of Dan Treier's Proverbs and Ecclesiastes
Proverbs and Ecclesiastes—Treier

Pastors and leaders of the classical church interpreted the Bible theologically, believing Scripture as a whole witnessed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Modern interpreters of the Bible questioned this premise. But in recent decades, a critical mass of theologians and biblical scholars has begun to reassert the priority of a theological reading of Scripture. In this addition to the well-received series, Dr. Daniel J. Treier offers theological exegesis of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.

Book Cover for Dr. Dan Treier's Introducing Evangelical Theology
Introducing Evangelical Theology—Treier

Winner of the 2020 Christian Book Award for Bible Reference Works, this textbook by Dr. Dan Treier supports the development of a robust and ecumenical understanding of Christian doctrine within an distinctly evangelical framework. 

Book Cover for Virtue and the Voice of God—Treier
Virtue and the Voice of God: Toward Theology as Wisdom—Treier

Theology's longest tradition is as a course of study that leads to wisdom. With the growth of the academy, however, theology fell into a fixation with the objective results of science. In this illuminating study, Dr. Daniel J. Treier retrieves the older, deeper understanding of theology and connects wisdom in theological education to the theological interpretation of scripture, giving rise to a renewed understanding of the role of virtue in each.

Book Cover of Caesar and the Lamb
Caesar and the Lamb: Early Christian Attitudes on War and Military Service—Kalantzis

Caesar and the Lamb by Dr. George Kalantzis focuses on the attitudes of the earliest Christians on war and military service and tells the story of the struggle of the earliest Church, the communities of Christ at the margins of power and society, to bear witness to the nations that enveloped them as they transformed the dominant narratives of citizenship, loyalty, freedom, power, and control.

Book Cover of Balm in Gilead
Balm in Gilead: A Theological Dialogue with Marilynne Robinson

Co-edited by Dr. Tim Larsen and Dr. Keith Johnson, this volume represents the conversations shaping the 2018 Wheaton College Theology Conference in dialogue with the work and witness of Marilynne Robinson. 

Every Leaf, Line, and Letter by Tim Larsen
Every Leaf, Line, and Letter—Larsen

Edited by Dr. Tim Larsen, this collection of essays by thirteen contributors details the history of how evangelicals have used Scripture within global and particular contexts from the 1730s through today. 

Book Cover of The Spirit of Methodism
The Spirit of Methodism—Barbeau

Dr. Jeff Barbeau details the history, growth, and core tenets of Methodism from the time of the Wesleys through the present. 

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