International Student Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions?

What is campus wide policy regarding Covid 19?

Wheaton College Covid 19 Updates page will provide students with the most current information regarding Covid related policies at Wheaton College. Graduate students can also refer to the Graduate Student FAQ page for policies focusing on the Graduate School side.  

How long is a semester?

Each semester at Wheaton is divided into two "quads", or half-semesters. Some of your classes will be quad classes; others will continue for the whole semester. Credit hours refer to the number of credit hours awarded for each class. Quad courses receive 2 credit hours, while semester classes receive 4 credit hours. The number of credit hours needed for graduation varies from one program to another, but all international students must carry a full class load each semester, which is 12 credit hours.

What are the academic expectations of the Wheaton College Graduate School?

Most examinations at American colleges and universities are written rather than oral, and are administered more frequently than in many other educational systems. In addition to written exams, students may also be required to write research papers. Plagiarism (copying material without attributing the source) and cheating are strictly forbidden and may result in expulsion from the college.

What should I know if I am married and plan to bring my kids with me?

Married students who wish to have their families join them should realize their financial burdens. A married couple who can live inexpensively will require at least $8000 more per year than a single student will. Additional funds are necessary for each accompanying child for a minimum standard of living. Visas are not issued to the family of students unless they have sufficient funds for dependents in addition to the amount required for the single student. Many students find it best to delay bringing their families until they have found housing and settled in the community.  

What are some extracurricular events available on campus?

Wheaton College Graduate School strongly believes in the holistic development of our students. The Graduate School offers weekly chapels and fellowships. Student initiated clubs are also available including biking, hiking, and tennis. In addition, Wheaton College hosts periodical lectures open for public and campus wide events for students to join. Students will receive weekly emails with information for on campus events. For further information, please visit the Graduate Student Life website.

What should I do if my English exam score is lower than the requirement?

The Wheaton College Graduate School programs are academically rigorous. In order to be successful, prospective students are strongly encouraged to reach the minimum scores for the English proficiency exam requirement. Applicants are advised to increase their English ability and take the English exam again to reach the minimum score requirement. For further information, please visit the International English Proficiency page.

How can I submit my transcripts for the application?

The official transcripts for a bachelor’s and higher degree from institutions outside of the US, will need to be evaluated by an international credential evaluation service. Please choose the course-by-course type. For further information and a list of recommended services to use, please check the Educational Requirements page. 

How can I apply for scholarships?

With the exception of the Billy Graham scholarship, prospective students won’t need to apply for scholarships separately. Accepted graduate students are automatically considered for a scholarship available to the program. Please check the Scholarships and Financial Aids website for further information.