The Mission of the School of Biblical and Theological Studies

Our Mission

The mission of the School of Biblical and Theological Studies is to help cultivate Christians who are biblically rooted and theologically formed.

Adam Miglio

Since biblical truth stands at the center of the Christian tradition, and the Scriptures are the integrating core of a Christian liberal arts education, our programs are designed to foster Christian thinking nurtured by biblical and theological study. To learn more about how we view the Bible and its relationship to theology, life, and ministry, see “How We Approach the Bible.” (available upon request)

We assist students to think biblically through understanding the content of Old and New Testaments as the Word of God, grasping the principal theological themes of the Bible, and interpreting the Scriptures in light of the culture, history and geography of the ancient world.

We assist students to think theologically through comprehending classic Christian doctrine, paying special attention to its historic development and its evangelical expressions, with a view toward enabling obedient witness to Christ in our contemporary context.

Our approach to the study of Scripture and theology aims both at equipping students to interpret the Bible with a capacity for mature theological judgment, and to connect biblical teaching with the church’s responsibilities related to ethics, spirituality and mission.

Students reading the Bible at a table

In light of this mission, we aim to foster student formation in three interrelated areas: biblical and theological knowledge; academic skills and critical reflection; and Christian life and service.

Therefore, we offer undergraduate and graduate programs that foster biblical and theological knowledge informed by rigorous, critical and Christian engagement with classic and contemporary scholarship. We promote the development of academic skills necessary for advanced study and service in the church and society worldwide. We are committed to stimulating learning that bears fruit in lives of faithful thinking and witness for Christ and His kingdom.

The Wheaton College Statement of Faith

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