Min-Dong Paul Lee


Min-Dong Paul Lee – Norris A. Aldeen Chair of Business and Associate Professor of Business

My passion is to see God’s people redeem and transform businesses to serve Christ and His Kingdom.  I came to Wheaton with a very diverse set of experiences (e.g. ministry, corporate career and international development) and training (e.g. theology, history, sociology and business management).  I am elated that, at Wheaton, all these experiences and training can come together in a meaningful way toward equipping God’s people to make positive impacts in the marketplace.  Currently, the focus of my research revolves around three themes: corporate social responsibility, compassion in workplace and faith and business as mission.

Related Books:

Corporate Social Responsibility and Labor Relations (With Changwon Lee and Young-Hee Kang, 2007; Book published in Korean).  Seoul: Korea Labor Institute.

Improvement of Supply Chain Labor Relations through Corporate Social Responsibility (With Changwon Lee and Hyun-Jung Park, 2012; Book published in Korean).  Seoul: Korea Labor Institute.