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Market Capitalism Conference, September 23 & 24, 2009

    Presenter: John Witte
    Christian Protestant Foundations of Liberty, Equality, Basic Rights, and Democracy
    Respondent: Peter J. Hill
    Connecting the Dots: Economics, Christianity, and Human Rights
    Presenter: Andrew Yuengert
    Thinking About Markets, Acting in Markets
    Respondent: Jeffrey P. Greenman
    Presenter: Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach
    A Theology of Market Capitalism
    Respondent 1: D. Brent Waters
    Response to A Theology of Market Capitalism
    Respondent 2: Bryan T. McGraw
    Moral and Cultural Worries about Market Capitalism
  • Final Panel Discussion
    Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach
    Peter J. Hill
    Brent Waters
    Bryan T. McGraw
    John Witte
    Andrew Yuengert
    Moderator: Javier Comboni
  • "Reflections" by C. William Pollard

Other Audio

  • Financial Crisis Panel Discussion - Javier Comboni, CEGPP; Martin Essenburg, Standard Chartered Bank, UK; Seth Norton, Professor of Business, Wheaton College; Brian Wesbury, First Trust Financial - November 03, 2009
  • "The Virtue of Profit" (MP3 download)- C. William Pollard - April 23, 2009
    Transcription of "The Virtue of Profit" (PDF)
  • Technology Development in the Current Economic Environment (MP3 download)- Floyd Kvamme
    April 14, 2009
    Transcription of "Technology Development in the Current Economic Environment"
  • Panel Discussion on the Financial Crisis II (MP3 download)- February 25, 2009
  • “Integrating with the European Union: Luxembourg's Economic and Financial Markets” (MP3 download) - January 15, 2009
  • Panel Discussion on the Financial Crisis - November 12, 2008
  • "Venture Capital and Innovation" - Floyd Kvamme, October 29, 2008
    Transcription of "Venture Capital and Innovation" (PDF) (PDF)
  • "The Political Economy of Information Technology: East Asia and the role of China" - Floyd Kvamme, October 29, 2008
  • Interview of Dr. Dorothy Chappell, Dean of Natural and Social Sciences and Dr. Javier Comboni on the WETN Morning Show - September 2008
  • Dr. Comboni interviewed on Moody Radio's Morning Show - October 3, 2008 (Windows Media format)
    Special thanks to Moody Radio for providing the recording of this interview.