FPE Internships

FPE provides financial support for internships with a focus on the integration of politics and economics.

David at podiumStudents interested in theoretical and practical aspects of political economy are invited to apply for the FPE Intern awards. Internships should fit within the mission of the Center, which seeks to train students in the understanding of market economies, representative democracies, limited government, and the redeeming effects of the Christian worldview on the practice of business, government and politics.

  • Faculty recommendation required, use online form (please give faculty at least 2 weeks prior notice to the deadline)
  • Internships for credit must be approved by the appropriate department
  • International internships must register with GPS
  • Internships are typically 5-6 weeks.  If for credit, must comply with departmental requirements

The application deadline is Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

Apply via the Wheaton College Internship Scholarship main page and common app. 

Funded Life-Changing Internships

Every summer FPE provides financial support for Wheaton students who undertake internships around the globe. A few of them are featured below.

Maria KrumpMaria Krump ’14 - FPE Intern/DoJ
Current Position: Facebook Safety Specialist and former DoJ intelligence analyst
“I am convinced that the FPE internship was not only immensely impactful on jumpstarting my law enforcement officer (LEO) career, but has remained a significant piece of my development as an employee committed to Christ and excellence in this line of work. This foundation has proven vital over and over again as I have progressed in my career, continually returning to the ethics the FPE leaders instilled in me, as well as their advice to pursue faithfulness in all things.”

Cody VolkersCody Volkers ‘15 - FPE Intern/Jerusalem Institute for Justice
Current Position: Federal Account Executive, IBM
“The FPE internship in Jerusalem strengthened my career goals of working in the International Relations/National Security space because of the work I did within the Israeli Parliament (the Knesset). My affinity for Middle Eastern languages, economics, religion, and politics have grown as a result of the time I spent abroad. I have leveraged my internship in Jerusalem countless times in interviews and conversations as a differentiator for past employment, skill development, and language acumen.”

Morgan JacobMorgan Jacob ’17 – FPE Intern/Naval Surface Warfare Center and Course Participant
Current Position: Associate Consultant, Bain & Co.
“The US National Security class taught by CAPT Iglesias provided background knowledge and enhanced interest leading to my summer internship with the Naval Surface Warfare students Center. FPE also provided the necessary financial support for me to afford this internship. These opportunities have provided a strong platform for the launching of my career and offered a more detailed understanding of the interrelationship between business and government.”


Other Examples of Internships

Emma Allen Zinduka Afrika, Nairobi, Kenya
Tennyson Bush U.S. State Dept., Kyiv, Ukraine
Evan Giesecke Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), Berlin, Germany
Emily Hillstrom National Republican Congressional Committee, Washington, D.C.
Richard Ndekezi RAWANDAIR, Kigali, Rwanda
Kendra Paez U.S. Dept. of HUD
Ariana Schmidt U.S. Embassy, Public Affairs, Phnom Pehn, Cambodia
Izzy Smith Defense Security Service, TBD
Cassia Waligora U.S. State Dept., Singapore