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About the Wheaton Center for Faith & Innovation

The Wheaton Center for Faith & Innovation is a full-service research and training institute at Wheaton College dedicated to teaching Christians to apply their faith directly to the pressing marketplace problems they face every day.


The purpose for the Center for Faith and Innovation is to develop Christian marketplace leaders through theology and liberal arts research to create innovative solutions for business.


The Center for Faith and Innovation helps Christians pursue their work in the marketplace as an act of discipleship to Jesus Christ.

Our Goals

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CFI connects liberal arts faculty, experts, and business leaders to create a network of Christians committed to living faithfully in the marketplace.

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CFI generates research that integrates theology with leading-edge business research to address the practical concerns of businesses.

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CFI provides the next generation of business leaders with experiential learning resources through corporate partnerships and an innovation lab for Wheaton students from all majors.

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CFI offers professional training for emerging and current business professionals through certification programs, seminars, and workshops.

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CFI creates a repository of best practices through scholarly publications, blogs, whitepapers, an online library, a fall forum, and an annual seminar.

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Building on a strong legacy

In 2014, Wheaton College launched a center called Opus: The Art of Work with a generous grant from the Kern Family Foundation. Kern extended this grant every year for a total of more than $2 million. Dr. Chris Armstrong, the Founding Director of Opus, and Ben Norquist, Assistant Director, worked to support the development of an ecosystem of teachers and mentors that laid the framework for CFI's work today.