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A live video podcast of the Center for Faith & Innovation


Practical tips for faithful decision-making in everyday business

Given the head-turning challenges facing businesses today, how does a Christian business leader integrate faith with management of sales, operations, the balance sheet and P&L?  How do you manage teams and make decisions that are wise, sound, and eternally focused?

Integrate: Faith and Innovate is a lively, 30 minute podcast hosted by Hannah Stolze and FT Chong.  With decades of experience in the marketplace and a network of thousands, tune in to hear Hannah and FT talk with Christian business leaders about their experience, their journey of faith and advice for everyday decision making.  Guests talk about lessons learned from integrating their Christian faith into operations, finance, HR, engineering, sales and marketing.  Integrate: Faith and Innovate reveals insightful, practical tips from seasoned, faithful business leaders.

Meet the Hosts

Hannah Stolze, Director, Center for Faith & Innovation and FT Chong, Managing Director at PineBridge Investments

Hannah Stolze headshot; woman in suit jacket standing in front of bookshelf smiling at cameraPortrait of FT Chong; man in suit and tie smiling at camera


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